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Equine Photo Services

Editorial Assignment Photography

Magazine editorial photographyMagazine Photography

If you have a story that needs to be illustrated with images, I’m available to work with your writers or I’ll independently shoot the images based on the text you provide. Past assignment work includes Horse Illustrated, Country, Farm and Ranch Living, Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home. Editorial assignments receive priority scheduling to meet your deadlines. Please contact me directly to discuss your project. For more information, please visit our Editorial Services page.

Horse For Sale Photos - Stallion Promotion

Selling a horse? Promoting a stallion? Professional photos sell horses better, faster and closer to your asking price compared to snap shot images that don’t show a horse off to its best advantage. The market is flooded with horses for sale, if you want potential buyers to look at your sale horses or your stallions you need to have top notch compelling images that give them a reason to visit you.

Please visit the horses for sale page where clients get free listings.

Chestnut Hill Arabians
Mare and foal trotting
Owlwood Farm Morgans
Bay horse trotting
Stallion promotion photography

Schedule a Photo Day at your Farm or Stable

Offer your boarders and students an opportunity to have professional portraits done of themselves and the horses they ride, right there at the farm. I bring the cameras, computers and expertise to your farm for a one day event. Each horse owner has their own photo session tailored to the type of pose they want. Directly afterwards, they see and select their favorite image the same day. You pay only for the selected image(s).

Twin Pine Farm, MAWoman with horse
Woman and horse
Iron Brook Farm, NHMan and women with horses

Senior Class Photos Outdoors at your Farm

Each year I accept bookings for a limited number of senior photos. These are outdoor images taken at your farm designed for the senior that loves the country lifestyle and wants to have their senior class pictures done with backgrounds and places that are special and meaningful to them. Packages start at $250 and include your choice of 10 images.

Senior Photos
Senior photos
Senior Photo
Senior Photos
Senior Class Photos

Dog Photography

Dog Photography Services in Maine

Photography for your Business

Your website is the first impression for future business, make it count! Professional photography makes you stand out from the crowd. I work with you to find the best ways to show off your business, product or property. Each photo has a multitude of uses for ads, flyers, business cards, press releases and much more.

Read my article "Good Web Designers Don't Let Customers Use Bad Photos" and find out why professional photos benefit your website.

Press Releases and News Blurbs

Do you need help getting the word out about events at your farm or stable? I can write short news blurbs for you, provide a picture and show you how to submit your info to local and regional magazines.

Brookfield Corner Farm, NH
Indoor Riding Arena
woman jumping
The Barnyard Maples, MA
Stallion photography
Cedar Hill Farm, MEHorse and rider
Greystone Stables, MEhorse jumping
TNT Equine, NH
TNT Equine

Ride, Shoot and Review

A photography session for serious riders that want to see what their riding really looks like!
Ride, Shoot and Review is NOT about creating pretty pictures. It is designed strictly for the serious rider that wants to improve their riding by using photography as a means for auto feedback. When you ride it is impossible for you to see all the details that your trainer is pointing out and trying to correct during your lesson. But seeing yourself ride frame by frame and being able to study the pictures afterwards is an extremely effective tool for self improvement. As a photographer and a former instructor I see an amazing amount of detail when I’m shooting riders and horses.

  • Did you know your stirrups were crooked?
  • Did you know you drop your shoulder to the inside?
  • Did you know your horse hangs a leg going over jumps?
Ride Shoot and Review example
Ride Shoot and Review example

Perhaps your trainer has told you some of these things but seeing it for yourself really makes an impression and helps you to correct it. Auto feedback is a valuable tool. It is why we have mirrors inside arenas. But mirrors and video give us just a fleeting glimpse as we canter or trot by, only frame by frame still photographs allow us to examine our riding after we have left the arena.