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Dusty Perin Photography LLC, is located in southern Maine and has been publishing freelance photography and writing since 1989. She is an affiliate member of American Horse Publications. The business maintains an image library of over 250,000 equine and canine pictures in digital format. editors gallery for more details.

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Quality photos, tightly edited, based upon your needs and requests delivered in a well organized and timely submission.  Images can be delivered on CD, via email or uploaded directly to FTP sites. Pricing for images is based on usage and rights purchased.

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Alpine Publications, American Farriers Journal, Conservation Biology, Country, Equus, Farnam, Hobby Farms, Horse Illustrated, Outdoor Photographer, Rural Heritage, Storey Books, The Horse, Willow Creek Press, Yankee, Young Rider and others.

Writing Credits

American Farriers Journal, Horse city, Horse Illustrated, The Equine Journal, Wildbird, Young Rider and others.

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